This is not my finding but a friend and I'm

introducing it to does who have not heard about it

before. u dig?
For those who have not yet been introduced,

Proxomitron is a free, highly flexible,

user-configurable, small but very powerful, local

HTTP web-filtering proxy.

Now first download the proxomitron software




Now follow the settings bellow
Open the software, by the left there is "Active

Filters", uncheck all and check only "Outgoing

Header Filters" and "Use Remote Proxy".

Now look by the right at "Edit Filters", click on

"Headers" button, It will open a new window called

"HTTP header Filters". in this window make sure all

boxes are untick.

At the right click "New" , A new page will open called

"HTTP Header Filter Editor" now in the
HTTP Header put Host
URL Match leave blank
Header value match put or

After all click apply and ok

It will return you back to the "HTTP Header Filters"

window. In this window you will see our newly

created "Host:" filter. Near the "Host:" filter on the

left, make sure you tick the out box. This will enable

the "Host:" filter to operate on all outgoing request

header. Next click on the "Ok" button at the bottom

of the screen. This will return us to the main


Click on "Proxy" in the space field type Enter as it is. Then click ok

Now Click on the icon at the top that looks like a

floppy disk with and arrow pointing inwards. This

will ensure all our settings are save.

set your browser to localhost port:8080
you are on your way to free browsing.....
That's all folks and Remember we are


Your comment are needed


Bros, pls in the HTTP-header-filters, do i have to scrol up and down and untick all? God bless you.

yes... Except the wan you created

bros pls i can't stil browse wit proxomitron, i've configoed as u instucted & it's ''active-conection'' go's 1 to 9. i've tried OPERA -MOZILA-INTERNETEXPLORA & yet no show. pls HELP.

you must have probably missed a step. Just re coffg it.

Is there a way I could make Proxomitron to sign me into Facebook and other secure sites? Facebook homepage opens but after inputing my email and password, it keeps loading. . .loading. . .loading. . .forever. Until it fails. Same with Hotmail and Yahoo! How do you work around this problem? Thanx.

proxomitron does not open secured site (https) so when opening a secured site use a proxy to byepass it like www.concealme.com

thanks NATURE, u just helped someone as u've always done. God bless u