It’s been long since I updated this blog. I have just been busy but I am back and I am going to be updating this blog regularly so please tell your friends and loved ones that babanature is back with some awesome cheats for your pc’s.
Airtel have been browsing free for some time now and many people still don’t know how it works so today, I am going to show you how to set your airtel to unlimited mb. This cheat is courtesy Juliusluv, Igboji and Dannygeo. So let’s go straight to the cheat…


  • ·         One airtel sim and etisalat sim
  • ·         One touch light phone that is not web enable (like; 3310, 2310 e.t.c)
  • ·         Load the sim with 100 or 400 or 1200 (don’t worry the money won’t be touched)
Do you have all this in place? Now let’s proceed…
Put your Airtel sim in a none browing phone. like the above mentioned.
 Load the Airtel sim with any of the mentioned money
Now save these codes in your contact
For 100 naira = *440*3# or *440*6#
For 400 naira = *440*222#
For 1200 naira= *440*111# or *440*4#
Have you done that? Now dial your etisalat line, once it starts ringing, scroll to your contact and dial the code you save earlier.
Stop by pressing the red button so your money won’t be deducted.
Note: if you fail to cut it quick, your money will be deducted so to prevent it is to cut it yourself. Remember that the more you do it, the more your megabyte (mb) will increase…
Now go and make Nigerian proud.
Do you have any questions that pertains this topic? Then drop it below and I will gladly reply you with an answer. 

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babanature long time our God is good
pls is it disame mb can all gives thanks

nope! every code has their mb.

100 - 10mb
400 - 30mb
1200- 1gig

i heard that its no longer working and i ve tried it too...all to no avail..can u pls confirm this?

it is working fine... if it is not working for you, text stopautorenew to 440 and try it again

If am already on a data plan on my airtel modem, shld i still apply it on d sim, hav got some mb left and is expirin very soon... So wht do I do...

you can, just type "stopautorenew" to "440"

How do we know if we have been credited wif d mb cuz I tried it and it kpt sayn requestin, and den request not complete

K jst did, hv done everytn u askd me to do, tho I m doin dis on a new artel sim alrdy registered.. Whn I dialed d code it says dear customer am not on an active data plan.. Pls wht did I do wrong??

you will make sure your sim is on club10 and do not allow the dialed call to cut or your money will be lost. u dig?

Yeah I do bro, jst dat nw I can't even dial out guess ntwork or so, hw do I do d club 10 stuff, any code for dat boss..

Sim sayn call now allowed each time I send out a call?

Pls bro hw do I activate club 10

to migrate to club 10 dial *101#

no longer working as of today tuesday 12 march 2013

it is still working perfectly. you are just not following instruction bro

what's the maximum GB you can get using this cheat cos I keep seeing 6GB

it doesn't have a maximum, just continue doing it and when it stops, you can always reset it and continue from where u stop...

they removed all my mb 3dayz ago...what should i do nxt?

reapply again but before you reapply, send: stopautorenew to 440

airtel wipped all my remaiming gig......bros, did u experience that......seems they have blocked it......

airtel removed all my gig, left me wit the mb attached to the gig, with my expiring date still intact.... wat should i do bro?

just simply reapply and it will all come back...

Am not on club10 plan cn It still work fr me?

sure, it will work as long as you reset the plan

airtel just deducted my N100 and gave me 10mb

Does d mb work on bb

Good evening.... I just want to confirm if d code is still working?....

guy my own is not working i have 1200 on my phone am calling my airtel to call my mtn line becos i don have etisalat line is telling me application down,,,is it still working

airtel remove my 1200 but dey give me one gb what willl i do to have my money back

D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ collected my money afta getin 800mb +d 100mb 4 my money 400h....suprisingly 2day airtel took all leaving ♏έ wit 20mb

D painful tin my expiration date is intact


how do i subscribe for a data plan

Did you read the post? @Okafor

is the free airtel BB trick still working?

hi, pls is dis cheat still active......?

yes it is still working and working fine

Nature, it's gud to see & read from u after the early days of 9japhreaks. Nice website u have here.
My questions:
* After getting an Airtel sim, must u migrate it to CLUB10 plan or can it be used just as it is?
* Must u end the call to the etisalat number while it is ringing or can u let it ring out without picking it?
* What is the gigabyte limit u can load a sim - i hear a sim is limited to 20gb, is this true?

** Do you have knowledge of any unlimited free browsing on MTN (not BIS)? I saw online some guy saying he can configure mtn sim such that it will trick mtn server to think he is using a bundle plan then grant him unlimited access.

** Is VPN working again on MTN again? A friend called me today that his VPN is connecting again on BISWEEK plan. Is it still unlimited?

More grease to your elbow bros.

Hello Rowland,
You really did ask a lot of questions here. let me answer them as I'll fit;
1. you don't really need to migrate to airtel club10, but to be on the safe side and not to let airtel seize the mb you've acquired, it is best to migrate.
2. if you don't end the call your self, your money will be diducted. period...
3. there is no limit to what you can do with it. you can have as much gig as possible

4. Yes! there is a new cheat in town that is rocking seriously with mtn but hackers begged me not to make it public.

5. yes mtn is still working with vpn only if you like to use it with. but i don't see the need anymore...

Hope i answered your questions well?

pls anytime i try 2 get more keep telling me i cant migrate cuz i ave an active data burndo left...plzzz help ASAP?

Nature, many thanks for taking out time to address all my questions. Can you pls do me a mail so I can do some digging dip with you: .
Many thanks, expecting your mail ASAP.

Baba this guys just wiped my remaining

Then Run another one and e go work again...

Wat should i do, if i am already on a data plan??

you must do what you have to do... lol

nature, pls anytime i try this cheat, my money will be deducted and the would give me 10mb, i don't know why. Pls is there something i am missing and must the call be to an mtn line or any line? Tnks

* For those that lost their gigs, is it becos they failed to migrate to Club10?
* BabaNature, are you assuring me that by migrating to Club10, I am rest assured that all my gig will remain intact until I use them up?

BabaNature, I still dey expect your email.

@Anonymous That is because you allow the call to cut it self without you cutting it...

@Rowland Obosi Hello Rowland, Yes people on club 10 are still using it.
I just don't want to mix my life with my blogging life. But if you want to know about me and not ask of how cheat, then i'll gladly give you an email.

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Is this Airtel stuff still working? Many that have tried it say its no longer working. BabaNature, pls confirm!

@Anonymous sure, it is still working beautifully

@Nature pls add me on facebook with odili charles udokatamma...

wat is d best tym to du dis tin???? Or does it work ani tym????? And must u hav 100.00 or u can du it wit 120naira???? Can you migrate to club 10 wen u hav som mb alreadi or b4 u stat gettind mb??????? PLs ansa all me

@Anonymous you can have any money on your sim and perform the task. you can perform the task as anytime as you dime fit. you mst migrate to club 10 before performing such task. and please do not ask me what you see in other forums or blog just follow my own steps.

i jst tried it dis nite am gettin unknown error as usual bt wen i checked my mb notin entered ve been doin it and is workin but cnt tell abt dis nite,,,, ve it stop or wat plsss tell me

Baba nature,kudos nd mor grease 2 ya elbow,my own b say b4 dem dey give me 15mb nd 10mb nd atmost 25mb,bt jst of recent,its no longer working,i'v tried efortlesly. So my questn b say must i b on club 10 b4 it wrks perfectly? Or is it bcos i jst bought the sim?

tried it out then twas working real gud, got a lot of customerz, just b4 airtel kindof blockd it. . . . .mehn. . . ! Tok 2 me bro, is dis tin stil workin pls, or hav they changed d codes ?

Baba! E be like say these airtel guys don wisen up oooo.....

The thing de show me error message but the bundle no de increase and once I stop, dem go sharply empty my account....

Nature boy,abeg se d thing stil dey work sha?cos na only error i dey get o buh no mb.

Ok,thankz baba nature i'l migrate to club10. And as per dat mtn stuff,if u no giv pple dats selfishness.abeg abeg na beg i dey beg make ona let dis freaking mt-hen suffer nah.

Ok,thankz baba nature i'l migrate to club10. And as per dat mtn stuff,if u no giv pple dats selfishness.abeg abeg na beg i dey beg make ona let dis freaking mt-hen suffer nah.

I had the same issue of getting just the same 10mb after each try. I then migrated to Club10 only to get stuck at 25mb in one try. What do I do?

good morning nature,i tried mine yesterday nd dey gave me only 1gig nd deducted my balance.i just want 2 know weda it is still working.tnkx

Baba nature weneva i keep doing d cheat it will say unknown error but wen i check d mb it will still be empty so i guess its bin block even my credit is always intact but d mb doesnt top up rather it will be empty

@Anonymous Now this is the story; try performing this trick in the afternoon

Hello brov..dis cheat is no more workin..i tried it wit 100naira on my fone and am on club 10 ten buh is nt goin

Will it work wit 100.03 naira

oga nature, can i ping with it ?

pls is still working?

Is it still working?

The thing no work again for my line o oga nature.tnx

Nature abeg add me up on bbm 3322E0ED

@Anonymous sorry, i am not using blackberry but you can always add me up on facebook and twitter

guy dis tin nu dey work e go dey show unknown error bt no mb dey come untill dey ddot ur money den dey giv 10mb only.

@Anonymous The cheat has stopped working bro. try the mtn i posted. it's rocking

baba nature please help us with the new airtel code abeg cos only u dey give us for free

guys i hear everything way una talk
abeg baba nature which cheat dey on board

@Anonymous Ok=!!! i don hear you... New one coming soon!!!

when will that new one comes up ................?????????? please i need your reply now


bros abeg help us wit d new airtel cheat abeg i nu fet by new mtn bcos i by airtel wen d 1st 1 com out abeg help.

i think airtel have finally blocked our cheat..hmmmmm whats next from wia on.. and whats the way out...

the tin still dey work for me

Guy how cm yours stil dey work na or ar u lyn 2 urs?

Oga babanature, we ur smal boys ar hapy 4 ur efort so far in postin real n conferm cheats. And we ar waitn 4 d latest cheats 4rm uuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D stuff is still working in anotherr way, did it today and got 100 mb

anonymous,i what way na,pls help me

Pls i have a sim that is on club 10.... I currently have 6gig bt it refused to connect on my new airtel modem... Other airtel sim is working on it... Wat do i do?

D stuff is still working in anotherr way, did it today and got 100 mb........abeg hw u take get 100mb?

Pls i have a sim that is on club 10.... I currently have 6gig bt it refused to connect on my new airtel modem... Other airtel sim is working on it... Wat do i do?

ANS: I had the same problem also and called customer care, and it was fixed within 30minutes

Am in ghana can i also use it pls nature

my oga can l use china fone to perform d process before removing it to my modem

can i use it 2 ping????

I need latest stuff

Its N̶̲̅ more working na @babanature

Nt workin anymore.........

Like all d airtel mb cheats have stopped working...... Whats d latest

Baba we still dey wait for another one ooooooooooooooo


Dos it work 4 blackberry

you are dearly wonderful. keep it up

Pls i am looking for somethin to brows on pc
babanatture can u help plss?

nature. twitter plz @Apostle_pin

just click the twitter icon to take you to my tweeter handle

is it still working. i want to know

EMAXON: Baba abeg shy d cht stil dy wrk

Baba nature pls do something about the airtel pls

is there any cheat michael u said airtel is back

Baba Nature? Abeg, I have already paid for the 1500 for the new airtel unlimited and got 2gb but it is not working on my modern. it connect normally but no reply as in, it not browsing. is there any special config I need to do before it browse... Abeg, master I am waiting for your response... Osheeeeee...

go to your apn settings and change it to and it'll browse...

Is Aitel gig loader still working?

Can I use my blackberry in place of the nokia? Awaiting response pls

@francis michael yes you can if it's a none browsing phone

Baba t is it stil workin now

does the cheat still work man..would really appreciate an answer

Is this stuff still working?

is the airtel code still working ??

Pls o is it styill working

Is it stil workin in november

e still dey work?

Are u sure its working my guy