One of our good friend "Ahmed Kudu" finally posted the MTN sim hack that everybody is collecting money for. I will be posting the cheat word for word here and do thank him for unleashing such secrete because e no easy :D


No body hates free browsing,
That's why I want to share this free browsing trick...

its for mtn network
& this is what some guys are selling (currently) on the net,
& They charge who ever show interest in this more than u think...

because you are here, That why you will enjoy this...

For free...

let go..

this Free Browsing is for mtn network..

#Mtn Sim
#250 Naira
#Your Time..
#Your Brain (no mistake)


Step 1:
subscribe to mtn 2 hour plan by sending 2H to 131 (2days)

browse for exactly 30 mins..

Step 3:
remove your battery
(note the exact time of the battery removal)

step 4:
after exactly 24 hours,
insert your battery back to your phone

step 5:
sim hacked,
Enjoy unlimited browsing till you die on MTN!!

Caution: BE CAREFUL,

*don't remove your sim (only battery)
*don't increase or decrease the time

This is for you to enjoy,
We cant share bad tweak on this site,
If it didn't work for you, then surely you have made a mistake..
Try again...



@BABANATURE...afta followin dis procedures on phne and it eventually work on phne...can we slot it into our modem and browse on PC?......

what about if tou browse with a laptop

So we can't use it on phne only pc...n can it be used on IPAD...BLACKBERRTY WINDOWS PHONE

aprreciate u for dis . But can one recharge and use d sim to make calls after activation.nd hope it is not attached to a particular tariff plan. Does it work on all tariff plan?

@Solomac You can use it on any device but ndo not use it for calls or recharge the line

Tnx 4 ur reply BABANATURE.....FINALLY....d 30 mins browsing u talked bout..will it be on d phne or modem via pc...

And anoda tin'''i guess d sim dnt nid registration bcos its not gonna be used for calling or receiving....AND I HEARD ITS ADVISABLE TO BE ON MTN PULSE PLAN for best result

@Solomac Was the post not clear enough. i said ask question on what is not clear bro. the question you ask is already in the post... click the like button to tell your friends about this cheat while you're at it...

pls i asking again abt d airtel cheat bcos i sent stopatuorenew n it was successful but i try d cheat it shows error unknown wit out allocating any mb to d sim,bros pls hlp me.

@Anonymous This is the wrong section to post on such... Try doing the airtel cheat in earlier morning. ok ?

@babanature...if d MTN SIM is a new one,do we nid 2 register d sim B4 PERFORMING DIS TASK...or we shld jst follow d rules direcctly?

Oga nature is it still working?

oga nature is the cheat still working? And what about the Airtel cheat?

You said "hacked for life"
Is it that MTN can never block it if they find out how it's being done?

What vulnerability exists if the same line is used to make phone calls. Someone I spoke with said that he uses it to make phone calls and his credit is not touched yet his browsing is going?

after rechargering N250, for 2H does the browsing work on phone for the sim card crak. For the activation of the sim done on phone or moder pls explain well for us. Thank u for the info.

after rechargering N250, for 2H does the browsing work on phone for the sim card crak. For the activation of the sim done on phone or moder pls explain well for us. Thank u for the info..

@Anonymous You can just try it out and tell me how it goes... I have posted what need to be posted bro.
Don't use the sim to make calls..
don't use the sim to recharge after the hack... That's the rule but if you like to explore, that's left for you

@aigbe otas It works on all devices. Either on modem or on phone

baba nature thanks ,i have done it today and waiting for the sim to be activated by tomorrow and how do i know that it has worked or activated?

i saw this post on saturday nite. I did exactly as u said on sunday. Then exactly after 24hrs being monday, i slotted my battery back but nothing worked till now. What should i do? I checked my bundle this evenin and it says my two hrs 'one day' plan has expired. It didnt say two hrs 'two days'.. What should i do? Also i didnt do it wit a new sim. Any suggestion?

you sound trustworthy and thats cool. Please, I want to know if its for two days you will recharge for the 2hrs or just once (as per step one)? and what about a min later dan batry removal and a min later dan batry replacemnt cus i wana use my oda phone as timer. Den for the sim if it works, can i remove d sim if i want to, will it still work after removal? Thankx for ur reply in anticipation@NATURE BOY

can i use it on phone, laptops or any device

Abeg oga nature no vex, what does the (2days)
in ur instruction mean?

Can't mtn block it?

Baba nature i followed all procedures buh its not only brings out mtn website ...pls help bro

Is it still working thats to do it???

@Solomac Hello Solo, if it is still showing MTN site, then you did not perform it normally...

I bought a new sim to perform d task and apart frm dat i was given 15mb for a wk afta activating it buh still ..its not opening anysite...b4 God and man ..i followed d procedures...

baba nature ,i followed the precedures but its showing me mtn siteand i did not make any mistake .what will i do now?

@Solomac Solo. the only reason you're seeing MTN site is because it has not reset. it is still on the plan but if the mtn site stop showing, then you have successfully opt out from the 2h package. So you did not do it successfully. try again

Do u have a feeling d MTN SITE WULD STOP SHWING later ooo

@Solomac it is working. if you reset it normally, it will stop showing the mtn site. you have not reset it bro... abi u want make i tel u with pidgin again ni?

Tnx 4 d cheat man.,i tried it nd it worked in d afternoon coz i had 10mb nd it waz untoched..i den try it dis evening only 2 find out dat my mb waz reduced...plz abeg can u xplain y?

It is. Working just that the procedure may be incomplete.
Has anyone noticed that 131 server has been inresponsive for the past 2days?

yes o! It says invalid... I had to call customer care to reset it for me, doh dey dnt knw abt it. I just told them i want to reset but its not working so she just did the reset for m and d mtn site stopped showing but its not browsing, it is very slow (1kbps) but conects.

@Ugo sinachyyThe reason it did not work for you is because you did not reset it your self...

hi bro am new here but i can see u dat u r trustwothy am very hapy 2meet u pls av try it d wey u xplain but d tn no work ooo pls wot do u tink???

@Anonymous it is difficult to implement, but when you get it, it'll be alot easier and understandable bro

hi bro am new here but i can see u dat u r trustwothy am very hapy 2meet u pls av try it d wey u xplain but d tn no work ooo pls wot do u tink???

Guys its working well o. My modem sees over 2Mb download speed. The 131 server is responding now; it was out all day yesterday and most part of today. tried tonight and i am getting feedback from it.

Hello can you put me tru what happen when you receive a message that tells you like this (You have used 90% of your bundle) and the message is coming from MTN DATA ON pls explain if you know. Thanks

pLS... is it working for Iphone? we cant remove iphone battery... Please help!!!

polease baba nature how do i reset my line and please help me with the new glo bb configuration on pc without any software if you have please

In the procedure yu no indicate when we go reset ooo I dnt understand the steps pls can you go through the steps again please

Na for fone you go browse d 30mins wey u talk ehen

mine is showing mtn site, pls do i need to send the reset to 131 manually, for the chest to be going??? or???

This Post was produced by a commentator like you guys... and i feel the process is easy.
let me tell you guys the process again...

First subscribe for 2hrs and remove the sim from your fone for 24hrs.
after 24hrs put the sim back and reset the sim back by sending RESET to 131

That's how to do it...

How will u reset when it gives u and invalid command?

I tried it and it worked buh download speeds r very slow..10-30kb/ it cos i used a 32k sim instead of 128k sim?

RESET to 131 no work o!
Any solutions?

@Anonymous Our naija boiz don scatter everything. The reset button is no more working. maybe it is a technical issue but let's wait and see

.FIRST load a recharge card of N1000
to ur eti line
Then subscribe to Monthly Blackberry
plan. (To Subscribe for Etisalat BIS
Send SOM to 399 or Dial *499*2#).
Wait till you get an Etisalat SMS that
subscription is sucessful
Create a new profile on your modem
with the following settings
Dial Up: *99#
username/pass: blank
Advanced Settings Primary DNS:
Secondary or Alternate:
save and exit.
configure your browser to use
You can then start surfing
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Port: 8080

Anyway around the mtn sim resetting or getting it to expire?
Reset command is now invalid,
2H subscription does not expire as at when due. We need ideas guys. Drop It Plsssss.

Send 103 to 131 to reset....and browse for life!!

hmmmmmm..nice one here guys...appreciate ur effort

103 to 131...hope it works. will try it

hmmm....No new solutions...long silence.

103 to 131
Not working

is dis tweak still working...

I tried it and it worked, thanks for saving me from subscription wahala. as a matter of fact am send this post with the mtn sim. thanks alot

it is still working for me. i dey hail 9ja

@ Anonymous, can u explain or describe the procedure u used that worked for u in the order that u implemented it. Many thanks for ur anticipated description.

BIGGYLIDON IS HERE TO TELL U HOW TO IT,i mean the reset to 131.u dont have to send reset to 131 again just send stop to 131 and hit dey jackpot.all THANKS TO BABA NATURE BOY U ARE GREAT UR CHEAT WORKS.

After sending stop, should we wait for a confirmatory report before browsing with the sim or do we just send stop and immediately start browsing unlimitedly?

you don't need to see any confirmation before using it because MTN hardly send confirmation

Nature boy, nice work bro, am impressed u not selling this information. u are indeed one in a multitude who wouldn't...
A run down of the actual process of getting this unlimited browsing sim would be nice.. ur update should include all the possible processes . like i see here that there is the issue of sending ...''reset'' ... ''stop'' or '' 103'' to the number 131....

thank u once more for sharing.. i benefited from ur Airtel free cheat... am looking forward to the new code as i have exhausted the ones i got from the cheat cos' an expiration date was attached to the free MB...
More so, AIRTEL network is faster and better than MTN... so i prefer ur AIRTEL FREE BROWSING TIPS.... plz do update the site tnx Nature boy...
A Satisfied Blogger... Kelvin

Tried it but mine didn't work. Did the 2h plan browsed within the 2h and removed my sim for 24 inserted it but forgot to send reset b4 I browsed withit and the deducted the 150 on my phone. Must I have exactly 250 or I can have more than?

@Anonymous The reset button has started working once more. You don't need to have more than the 250 bro and if it still not browsing, the you did not follow due processes :)

How do I reset the mtn

Nature, I used the 'STOP' to 131 option, i browsed and downloaded 0ver 150mb; the issue now is that I am being redirected to mtn page.

I also sent reset and it says "You have sent an invalid command"
Any other way out of this fix?

must i register my sim

@musaj i don't really understand what you mean by that.

natureboy good work....

Tried it and it works. the only problem nw is d problem everyone is having. Unable to reset. I've tried everything. But I can't reset. When the mtn site shows I disconnect and connect again. And it works for some time again. And then stops again

i mistakenly inserted d sim 20mins before d 24hrs. it didnt work. any remedy?iv sent both stop and 103 to 131 bt it didnt work. hw can i correct dat?
08037762597 .

I tried using my sim on my modem and the modem keeps saying the sim is not detected.
I also keep getting redirected to the mtnonline homepage.
Are you saying the solution is to send stop to 131?

I am really lost here oga nature, abeg culd u rewine dis process again abeg I d beg!!!

@nature boy ... You be baba... U have done very well. I love dis... Its for real,,, i can testify.... And now am on unlimited downloads for life... I suggest u guys use a universal modem, or use it in ur fone so dat it will not show mtn site.... Wen eva d mtn site wants to open in ur pc, just cancel d browser, and enter again..... For HSPDA modem users, change ur access point (apn) to

And enjoy ur goodies...

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pls if i activate the 2hr browsing must i brows for 30 minits befor i remove the sim ???

Yes! you will have to browse for like 30mins or an hour but do not browse the whole 2hrs or it'll be bad for you bro

Baba nature good job and more grace to your elbow. Please I want I want to know, is the tweak still working? Because I have tried it, and it was not going through. Please baba I need to know more grace baba! I dey gbadun youuuuuuuu

Pls help me mine is connecting buh it does not receive. Wen I did t

Thansk man u are the best, mine is working but only on edge. It does not connect when in 3g. Please help


Do I need to load any money on my SIM before starting the procedure?

there is a problem here @nature boy. It seems d mtn 2H plan doesn't expire within the two days! Also i'm a bit confused because the procedure my friend sent to me is a bit different to yours (no disrespect here). His was that after leaving the sim for 24 to 30HRS, you should put the sim back on a phone and MTN will send you a message that your 2H data plan has expired or you text 2 to 131 for the message if MTN didnt send any. Thereafter, you dial *123*4*5*2*4# and reply with 1 and that is all. So, my questions are: are there different methods of doing this? And must one wait for the data plan to expire before texting reset to 131? Thanks waiting for your informed opinio.

3G to 131 is not sending irrespective of the type of Airtel SIM being used.
Any USSD code in its place that wud give us same result?

@ anonymous, What do u mean by reply with 1?
have you tested this your friend procedure?
does it work?

Am Ayodele Pls I want to be sure d 2h is till working,I need d procedure on how to achieve d mtn cheat

pls must d sim be register

Yes it must

are you at onitsha cos am experiencing the same problem since last year even before this cheat came out. Ie whyl using BIS with vpn

can u remove ur sim after removin the battery from d fone so u can use anoda sim on d fone for dos of us that hav 1 fone?

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!! U r da bomb its working smoothly, janjanciously,exhobirantly and elegantly. Jah bless u,more grease 2 ur elbow nd ur heels. Thankz 4 beeing generous.

But i no fit watch online video with my 2700c ontop mtn. All i get is no response,try again later,abeg nature any clue or help?

pls can anyone help me wit the airtel cheat

pls is the mtn cheat still working cos i just try to crack my sim but it did not work for me

Dia network is bad jst of recent bt i'm stil posting with it. No worriez,its stil working.

anyone performed the hack again since 25th, if yes did it work? If it worked, please what steps did u take cos i have seen abt three different methods but all to no avail. And each method means another recharge... Am starting to consider my normal airtel subscription. But if someone here thinks i have invested enough to pay again, please do show me explicitely the steps to take. Tank you.

@EXCAS Please take a look at our recent post where i brought new strategy. if you have bought 250 card and apply it, you do not need to use it again

great....i hve been tryin to trace back dis post jst 4 me 2 come show my sincer gratitude 2 babanature and all of u who made dis first, when i began 2 see pple's commnts, i thought dis wunt work 4 me...but..i see nature was so serious about dis so i took s step in tryin it out...and to my greates suprise!! workd for me just on my first till usin it has been on my shortcut screen ever since den ;)...just took out time 2 come show my appreciation 2 baba nature...thanks alot...for who thinks it doesnt work,..i am a testimony...i will do thesame on all my other sim cards...lolz...4sure...nature!!....thumbs up!!!....i am Xperfect.....

@baba nature, u re 2much. Mine is workin wit a diff procedure dat is even funny. Am on mtn pulse, i recharge 250, den i send 2H to 131 and dey sent me a msg dat i ve no enogh credit to do dis. I called d customer care imidiatle to complain dat my money was deducted bt no bundle, dy told me dat d applicatn as nt yet boot to show y i was nt credited. Later dat day after abt 8hrs, i send reset to 131 switch my sim to my oda phone and do d same again. Ho and behold , me still dey flex browsin o...tnkx man

my mtn sim did nt work

Is the hack still working. I want to help a friend to hack his own sim. Please let me know. Thanks

please can any one help me about the free browsing cheat in Ghana please help your man.

please can any one help me for the free browsing in Ghana,please help your man he is in need.

Hey guys can i use it in afghanistan?