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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Today we will try to set our O2 xda II Pocket PC as USB modem on Windows XP Notebook via GPRS. Make sure that your GSM provider has a GPRS service. Actualy O2 XDA II is use HTC Himalaya aka PPCW.Net. So this tips should aply to other pocket PC or PDA phone that use HTC Himalayas, like i-Mate Phone Edition or T-Mobile MDAII. Okey let start. If you don’t have this drivers called USBMDM.inf and USBModem_ Dialer.exe, you must first download and install the drivers first. You can download them from here: http:// Install the drivers On your PC, disabling the USB port in the ActiveSync setting, to make sure that your Pocket PC Phone Edition isn't connected with your PC. On the device tap Start -> Settings -> Connections -> Beam -> and disable "Receive all incoming beams". And then tap Start -> Programs -> Wireless Modem. As "Connection Type" selected "USB" and tap the "Start" button. Now connect your Phone Edition with your PC by using the USB cradle or a USB sync cable. Your PC will found a new hardware, that indicate with USB device small icon shown on the Windows XP bottom task bar: Select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" and press "Next". Select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install." from the next screen and press "Next" again. Your modem should be recognized now. To install the Himalaya driver select "Have Disk" and press "Next". Find the file "USBMDM.inf" (you've downloaded previously), select it and press "Open". Confirm to install that driver and if you get a warning that this driver hasn't passed the Windows XP Logo certification continue anyway. Done, the new driver was successfully installed if you see the following message: After installation you have a new USB Modem called "HTC USB Modem" in Control Panel -> Phone and Modem Options on your PC. Dialing GPRS Open "USBModem_Dialer.exe" which was also the part of the ZIP file you've previously downloaded from PPCW.Net. Enter "User Name:", "Password" you need to access the GPRS network and add the "APN:" your carrier gave you. Now press "Dial" to connect your PC via your HTC Himalaya to the GPRS network. If everything went fine you will get a notification from Windows XP that you are successfully connected. And also your Pocket PC Phone Edition notifies you about a successful connection. That's it, you are ready to enjoy the true wireless Internet through GPRS now - wherever you are and wherever you go!
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