Ahhhh... i wanted to test this cheat before i drop it and i have used it to my heart content so now here i go. Before i kick off, i want to assure you that MTN will not be blocking this for the mean time :).


1. First get a premium PD-proxy. If you do not have a pd-proxy, you can buy from me at a cheaper rate.

2. Now load 100 naira to your phone and subscribe to the blackberry daily plan.

3. To subscribe, text bbcday to 21600 and wait for their response.

4. Now connect your modem and pd-proxy. And you will browse through out that day without internet restriction and unlimited download for that day.

Note: The bbcday is supposed to be 3gig but lately, it has become unlimited because i have used it to download much more movies here :)

Now go enjoy your self with your unlimited browsing. and if you need the pd-proxy at a cheaper prize, do not forget to hollar at me.

Do you have any question? then ask using the comment box below and please do not forget to share this post :)


the pd-proxy settings

Once mine hits the 2gb cap, it disconnects. I have observed this situation again and again. Any idea why this is so?

Can someone use the pd proxy on android phones, or is't for pc only? pls if yes what's the name Babanature

@Anonymous Yes you can use pd proxy on android phone only and the name of the app is called Droidvpn

I hv downloaded it also connected but not browsing Babanature help please

@Anonymous it is not browsing because you are not a premium user. You can buy voucher for as low as 800 naira

before your post came up id alredy subscribed to their bbcomplete bundle, im on pdproxy premium and it connects and browses quite alright, however..there is still this problem of the modem disconnecting after evryminute during downloading.. what could be the cause? and any fix for this?

@Opskie O. The reason is because MTN is having network issues in your area. Mine hear is very stable and function properly

like i said, it works quite alright when im just browsing only and it never disconnects..buh the moment i attempt to will just start disconnecting at like evry one minute.

N800 premium for hw many month, and hw can i contact you for the premium?

Where will i send the money, to get activated for a month. I means the PDproxy Premium Account

@Oliver Simmonds Just send me a mail to and i will give you the procedure to pay in the money

baba, i sent you msg so that i can have your detail..... i need the premium voucher......

Opskie, the reason your is disconnecting when you are downloading isn't caused by MTN network issues, it's MTN that is responsible for it. They are trying to prevent maximization of the data allocation on the plan; in otherwords, they don't want you to used up the 2gb allocated via heavy clogs their network making it slow. Additionally, you may have overtime exhausted the 2gb for you plan and as such trying to download will mean going above the CAP; their system is preventing you going above this as such breaking your connection. For you to enjoy heavy downloads, I advice you use BBCDAY as explained above so that you can download about 60gb a month on 2gb daily cap BBCDAY subscription.

As I write this, is working directly without the need for VPN client installed; the only constraint now is that it prevents you downloading. Browsing is fast but downloading is frustrated. You will need VPN client to download files.

DroidVPN is needed to download or browse on Android. You don't need to be a Premium user to browse through DROIDVPN. As a free user, you are entitled to 100mb data daily. Premium account takes you beyond the 100mb limitation Droidvpn put on free account. If you won't do much of Youtubing, downloading, heavy stuff on the internet, I will advice you stay with the free account since you may not exceed 100mb a day. I will also advice that if you choose to stay with a free account then you subscribe to Monthly BIS not BBCDAY or BBCWEEK.

@Anonymous i have replied you, go check your mail :)

Dis blogwebsite is really lackn behind but v decided 2 do litle 2 d fans of d website so I wil be dropn sm cool cheats 4 u guys 2 enable u suf internet!!!!... Dis is motion speaking!

Dis 1 na GLO Cheat: Posted on: 12:10 Mon, 09 Sep 2013
Follow the below steps:-
After you receive ur g-bam 5mb,
the internet with it:
connect with any
browser/app on your device..
wait till it loads a page, now
disconnect it
and start
or *100*5*1# , thats zero is 9.
The more you dial the code the more
get 5MB.
The idea is to first browse with
ur5mb b4
dialing the code, and even if you
dial the
code when ur mb is almost used up:
remaining 5kb twill still work, just
sure you have some data before
dialing .
You can dial the code before or after
browse with it, but twill only be
if you dial after you've browsed with
EXTRA DETAILS: after dialing the
code and
you want to check how many 5MB
it will only display the remnant of
5mb, it wont show it, but till after
browsed and/or downloaded more
5mb before you'll know the idea
dial *100*5*1# to migrate to g-bam.
18 minutes ago
Demian Ibina
1=Load #250 Recharge card.
STEP 2=Send IFBUP To 229.
STEP 3=Dail *229*3*5#
STEP 4=Switch off ur phone and remove
the sim for just 5HRS.
STEP 5=After that insert it back and dail
STEP 6=Goto Any Application u wished to
and start flexing Unlimited.
TESTED&TRUSTED. More Cheat Loading#
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But use pc on d subscritions cus is not bb
data plan!!!

i am a premium user but i can't browse with the pd-proxy is there any configuration for my mtn modem

@babanature are you browsing using bbcday+pdproxy currently/.............?
cause mine cant browse

Nope, right now - i am testing a new cheat and once i finish testing it, i'll release it for you all.