If you are using the ETISALAT network then we have some good news for you. You can now browse unlimited with your ETISALAT sim without problem. But how can you browse with this sim?

You will need just two things to make this work. No worry you do not need any airtime to make this work. So are you ready?


First get your android phone (Tecno p3)
Etisalat sim card...

Inset your simcard  to your android phone.

open your message and send. "High" (without the quote) to 8186

check your balance and your money will still be intact go check your data bundle and you have successfully activated your etisalat free browsing.


This trick is supposed to be 100mb per moth but don't let them deceive you, it is unlimited.

Remember that you can only activate this with Android phone (tecno P3)

Remember that it will only work for one year starting from your activation date.

remember that you can activate as many sims as you like with this.

I am using the sim now on my laptop so please do read it well before replying and if the trick work for you please drop your comment below... Thanks and God bless you...

I will be dropping another etisalat cheat by next week so watch out

Remember that we are proudlyonenaija


Baba thanks alot. is it only tecno p3? What about other tecno phones?

Must the android phone be Techno P3? it compulsory pn TECNO P3

ha ha....Tecno P3 only?
You mean no other android phone will do this?

@livingstone ozueh I have not tested it on other android phones except tecno P3, but you can try it with other phone and see how it goes and if successful, please report back...

@Daniel I have only tried it on tecno P3 but you can try it on other android phone and see how it goes...

Its not workin....dey said am not eligible 4 dis offer...i did it on a TECNO P3 like u specified

I did it on tecno p3 buh i didnt got any response, did it wrkd?

If you are using a rooted tecno P3 to perform this, it will not work because you have voided the warranty... It is working 100% and remember that i don't post cheat that i have not used before... u dig?

rooted phones wont work? na wa o!

Dnt knw wht u mean by rootd fone

what abt sumsung galazy S3

try it is given me 100mb and i try anda one is say i have given dis offer be for
what can i do

i tried it and it says my device is not eligible for the offer.. what culd be the solution??

Is this still working???

Yes, it is still rocking I just did mine. Thank you babanature.

baba how u today my own just stoped

Hello admin have you used more than 100mb worth of data already?

i av exhausted my bundle and it stopped browing,wot do i do?

Not working for both rooted on unrooted phone not eligible for offer

It works on tecno Q1. Tnx

mtscheww is it everybody that is using p3

well...afta i read d post i was so hapy coz i actualy av a Tecno P3 so i inserted my Etisalat sim but behold it didnt get signal since my signal is vry poor out of anxiousnex to find out if d cheat wil actualy wok....i inserted d sim back into my Nokia asha 200 n sent "High" to 8186 n behold i got a msg sayin u av sucexfuly activated d smart phone data promo of!!!....i bcame xcited n tried browsin wit it n it worked perfectly wel..its bin 3 days n its stil happy...I dnt knw if it wil last for 1yr but al i knw is dat dis cheat is workin in my Nokia asha 200....I want to say thanks for d informativ post.

I am using Tecno P9 and it says my device is not eligible for this offer. Thank u