I was searching for a way to browse with mtn bb subscription on my android phone, i use droidvpn but droidvpn can only limit its users to 100 mb per day till you subscribe to their premium plan. Till i see this new way of browsing unlimited with troidvpn :).
You all must have heard about this before but for those who doesn't, Here is the setting :)


1. First download the troidvpn in your playstore

2. Open the vpn and make the settings as follow

3. Connect the rport to be 500 and make the lport 1025

4.  Choose udp and udp servers

5. Click "Connect and you will start to browse.

- The Droidvpn makes you root your phone but the Troidvpn don't.
- Droidvpn gives you 100mb, but the troidvpn gives you 1gig
- Droid requires registration, but troid doesn't ....

Please make sure you have bb subscription before performing this operation. and also note that it only works for higher grades androids.

Any question, do not forget to ask me here and i will surely reply you as soon as possible.


"high grades androids" BABA pls example because am using Tecno N3 so can these work on my phone? ??

High end Android phones means. android 4.0 + ...... If your android is 2.3, then it might not work for you but you can still try it though :)

Pls can it work on PC ?

BABA my android is 2.3.5 please how can I upgrade it to that of 4.0 android. please help

Dos it work on only Mtn, can't I use it wt airtel? Nd do I nid to change ma APN or sumtin, nd hv seen different kinda Lport(0,500,1025) which is d correct 1 plss?

@andrew raphael Airtel does not need vpn for it to work. You can use your airtel bb subscription on any phone...

Mtn stopped working with droid vpn, has anyone experienced the same problem since Saturday?

Droid is still working with mtn bb plan... I am still using it with my tecno p3

is d troid vpn still working nd watz the settins for d droid vpn

BABA , is like my question is not answerable ? "my android is 2.3.5 please how can I upgrade itto that of 4.0 android. please help" ????

I have not upgraded my droid before but if you want to upgrade, go to Settings >>> click about phone >>> there you will see system updates. Note that the upgrade will not work if you're using a tecno phone.
If you are using a tecno phone browse that one for Google

thanks alot for the info God bless, i like this site,happy independence to you all,

Nice one bro but I think this has stopped already. I have been following this on my blog but nothing is working right now

Pls I want to root my Android phone pls E-mail me on how to do it @ Thanks.