Some days back, Airtel started rewording its faithful users by giving them 124mb. But the truth is, we Nigerians do love taken chances where there is chance. So now instead of getting 124mb, there is a way you can get more than that and increase the mb to gigabyte or terabyte depending on how fast your finger can get you :).

Now without wasting much of our time, let me show you how you can get the free mb without apply stress to it.
Note: I tried the cheat yesterday and it worked for me so it might worked for you as well...


Go to your message and type the following

Send "REWARDZ" to 797

Sending it, you will receive a welcome message that say "Dear customer, Thank you for enrolling for the airtel Loyalty Program. You will start earning points from today. Airtel"

Now send the below text again

send "RD 125MB" to 797   To receive your free mb.

You can increase your MB by sending it multiple times till your heart content :).

Note that this those not work on all sims. So try it on your....

Your comments and questions are required...


Dear Customer, as a new Airtel customer you will be able to enroll in the Airtel Loyalty Program after few days. Thank you. Airtel. thats all i got

I have tried it but i was replied dat 'you dont have sufficient reward point to redeem product 125MB...... So, pls hw do i do to hav dis sufficient point? U cn reply me 2ru my facebuk acct:

Dear Customer You do not have sufficient reward points to redeem product 125MB.Please select another item from the Airtel Loyalty Program catalogue.Thank You.