Well it is not all people that love registering before downloading or accessing a site right? Are you one of those people and you want to download from 4shared and don't want to register? there is hope for you. now you can download anything you want from 4shared without registration and how do you perform such? simple! follow this simple steps and you're on your way to downloading :)

1. Go to

2. Go to the search option and search for anything you want to download. i want to download music so i typed "music"

3. Now click on the preferred song you'd want  to download to take you to a preferred tab where you'll download the music

4. Now in the on the link in the address bar, add this in from of the address

Have you done that? if the title in the address bar is  you will add the above link and it'll look like  see the screenshot for example

5. push "Enter" from keyboard to take you to the last page. have you click the "Enter" button? if yes it will take you to a new page and download will start automatically...

Now tell me how simple is that? Please if you still can't achieve this, please make a comment and i will create a video tutorial for it. please if the post helped you, say thank you using the comment below.
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thanks, that actually works

holy crap, this actually works!
many thanks!!

That is fantastic!

I can't get it to work any more. Waah! Did they catch on and block that option?

This isn't working any more. Do you think they wised up and blocked the option; is there another workaround? If not, which download do you recommend that won't put a bunch of malware on my computer?

thanks a lot man. it actually works.

Thank you very much!

Still working as of today.