Ok! Ahmed Kuddu just gave us one sweet and lovely cheat and to be truth with you all, it is working 100% So do follow the instruction prescribe to you below.

.FIRST load a recharge card of N1000
to ur eti line
Then subscribe to Monthly Blackberry
plan. (To Subscribe for Etisalat BIS
Send SOM to 399 or Dial *499*2#).
Wait till you get an Etisalat SMS that
subscription is sucessful
Create a new profile on your modem
with the following settings
Dial Up: *99#
username/pass: blank
Advanced Settings Primary DNS:
Secondary or Alternate:
save and exit.
configure your browser to use
You can then start surfing
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Port: 8080
If you still have problem, do let us know below using the comment box. thanks


Wow... dats cool. I guess d stuff is for jas 1month right. How can I use it on an android phone?

@livingstone ozueh The whole process will work for android. Just locate the DNS area of your android phone.

It's not working oooo!!! I used this same method since 30th of April and I am unable to browse with it. my 1k is still locked in the sim can't use it to browse. Verify it before you subscribe.

The code us not going... dey reply me wit "sorry d operation has failed".

@Anonymous It is working normally and beautifully. even without the settings mentioned above it'll work naturally except your sim have problem :)

Its not working on phonez. N der is no dns on phone.

my bros ur chets hav bin wokin 4 me but di one is stobon, my 1000naira went just like dat, just 2weeks to expeir, pls wat do i do?

Guys, I told u earlier that this cheat isn't working again for now. It has nothing to do with ur SIM, phone or modem. Etisalat has blocked it. It sometimes redirects u to without opening the page. Don't waste your money please.

pls @nature boy
help me with mtn magic sim configuration


those DNS are Google's and it is working 100% bro

hello i can help you with magic sim 4just 2k have been using 4 three months now its unlimited ooo and your area network is good blaze on.

hello i can help you w
sim 4just 2k have be
three months now its
ooo and your area ne
good blaze on.

plzz i need cheat for andriod fone am using etisalat

baba nature, pls is d etisalat bis stil wrkin on android? n android dont av pls 4 DNS, how do we go about dat.

sir plzz help me, can u tell me how to configure your browser to use
i rili dont know the process where to go and what to do. plzz of u can help me then plzz reply me as soon an possible. with regards thanks..

Is this etisalat BIS cheats still working on android, phone & modem?

hlo baba nature.....pls i appreciate ur good work,you are truly a proud nigeria......but on my asha303....i can't find all this dns primary or secondary,i've been on net for the past 2month searching for free browsing up and down the corner bt i think with onenaija i can make the dream true,another prob is that everycheat has ip and i can't detect where ip is on my java,can there be anyname for it....i've explore everywhere on my phone....i still can't find the so called ip.....pls i know ur cheat are true,bt do you have any idea of my phone setting..,pls sincerely hit me back,remember it a java phone

Java phone does not work with this one, you will need to create a prov file for it to work with your java phone. It only works for symbian phones and android phones...

@nature boy, does dis cheat still work on android devices?

Where can we find dns on using experia

Pls folks i have a serious challenge, since last 3weeks i tried to browse using mtn blackberry cheat and it has not be working, but always disconnecting and i have already subscribed. I need your help to resolve and if there is another cheat i will love to try it. I also need etisalat bb cheat, and how is works. I was told that it has stop working is it true?. Thanks

My name number

I advise you don't sub for 1month again...l also experience the same challenge but pay for weekly. and it better than the month

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This is to inform you that MTN BB is hold for now, please wait until further notice but you can also connect to AIRTEL BB N1,500 dial *440*16# CAP: 2GB......

1. Load up your Phone with N1,200 Airtime and move to the next step.
2. Text BSM to 440. You will Receive a Message that your Blackberry monthly Plan has been Successfully Processed. Then you will receive another Message asking you to Text Stop Renewal to 440 if you don't want Airtel to auto renew you on this Package.
I Ignore it because i will like to Use this Plan every Month, Its Cheap and Affordable and the Speed is damn fast compare to the Normal Data Bundle Plan {Take Note of this}.
3. Now, Switch Off your Phone and put it ON after a Minute, You should be able to Use it now - Start Browsing.
4. To Check your Data Bundle Balance, Use *123*10#, You should see 1.00GB

Is it workn for andriod phones

@baba nature, pls inbox me ur email add. I did for etisalat. Apparently the 1k is now a waste but I'm aware Mtn and air tel is working. I wanna switch. Pls mail me on thank you.

wheres is DNS on android phone

nice work guys,all the cheats posted here are true.just a little mistake can turn it all wrong.

pls am using a samsung galaxy grand duos,pls which cheat can i use etisalat has bin eating my data up,which sim will b me.

the etisalat bis profile i created does not work at all, i have to use the etisalat internet profile there and that only works once in a while

It is not working, it redirects me to

its not working oooo... it only works wen set it at normal the etisalat internet profil, and it socks my airtime instead.... what should i do? oga on top i dey greatoo..1 loyal"! My oga pls tel me is dis eti tweak stil workn dis 2013

@Anonymous Nope, but i will be dropping one hot one very soon

How can I configure airtel configuration my htc cha cha ??

Baba how far, any new codes for bb??

Hiiiiii!!!! ummmm! using tecno l3 and im searching for cheats....on etisalat... ive always subscribed for 260mb with 1k.. but it doesnt last!!! any confirm cheat??? plzzz help a girl in need oooo! if you care... you can add me up on 2go with priss15 cus i might not come back here... thanks in advance!!!! ♥