install UVpn and follow the steps below:
1. after installing the ultravpn and following the instructions and all the buhaha...then ....
2. locate the installation folder in your programs file...thatis..C:/program files/ultravpn/config
3. open the config folder, u will see a file named: stealthy connect.ovpn
4. open it using NOTEPAD...well, u can double clik on it and if it dosent open then open it with notepad...i believe u can all do that!
5. once opened in notepad, scroll down to where you see remote stealthy.ultravpn.fr 443 and remote stealthy.ultravpn.net 443
6. NOW, highlight the "remote stealthy.ultravpn.fr 443 and remote stealthy.ultravpn.net 443" and replace both with "remote 443" and
"remote 2fservlets% 2fmms@servers443.ultravpn.net 443" (they are both working servers)
7. we simply Added 2fservlets% 2fmms@ infront of the servers, for example : remote 443
8. to prevent restarting, look for "hand window 15" and change to "hand window 300"
9. also, add this at the end, "auth-nocache" to prevent password caching.
9. just save and close
10. restart your ultravpn
if you having problems saving in vista, follow the instructions below:
4vista simply follow this procedure...it applies to any file with limited permission:
1. right clik on the file (that is, stealthy connect.ovpn) and go to properties
2. go to "security"
3. highlight the "users" (it could be Users [Vicky\users] in your case)
4. after highlighting it, click Advanced just at the bottom
5. HIghlight Users again and clik "Edit"
6. Highlight users again (third time) and clik "Edit"
7. Finally, tick 'Full Control" and then start cliking OK all the way back
this technique allows you to take full control of any file in your vista computer.