Before using india web proxy(IWP) or sky tunnel client(STC). u will need a JRE(javaruntime) and u can download it at
and a server to work with them. we are going to learn how to create a long lasting server with most domain site.
We have enough site to create servers E.G.,,,, e.t.c
Some of the servers are slow due to the over loading of the nigerians, while some suspends your account before opening. all this will stop after this tutorial.
With this sites mentioned above, we are going to be using x10hosting as our example. to start u will need a phone that has operamini or bolt(cos they have international Ip)
STEP1:We need to craete a quick e-mail so we will use yuurok, now go to and click sign up for free to register your account.
after registering go to and click on free hosting. NOTE: Remember we are using a phone for the all sign up thing?...
a new page will open, now fill the form below.
1.For the username don't let it be more or lesser than 8
2.When typing ur domain make sure you use either or for they are the best for now.
3.Now complete the form and click create account. after the creation of your sub-domain, go back to your yuurok account and confirm the mail x10 sent to you by clicking the link(wait 4 like 3min b4 d confirmation will be sent to u)
after uyou must have confirmd it click on continue to continue in the x10hosting. Now go back to the x10hosting home page and click userlogin. A welcome back page will apear,
now scroll down and click on view details when a new page open scroll down and click continue to hosting account. After that click on continue. now u have successfully completed the first step.
now logout from your phone and login to your pc.
STEP2: Change your tutorial.php to your name or sumthing sweet.php, to make this changes you can use your Notepad or Wordpad respectfully.
After that open your mozilla or opera or googlechrome. now enter which of this proxy site to the address bar.,, or
I recomend you use after you must have typed your proxysite in the address bar. now enter inside the proxysite.
now the proxysite will take you to x10hosting main page. Click userlogin and input either your username or email and password then procced.
now click continue to hosting site, the main page will open click on view details==>> click control panel, a new tab will pop up and your cpanel will display
now click on LEGACY FILE MANAGER a new tab will open now upload your two files()php.ini and tutorial.php[u must av change]. now log out properly and don't close without login out properly.
This step is the most simple step. ok open and input your email to the box provided to you, after that choose how long u will want your spam mail to last(10min should do)
click ok to proceed. when the mail is generated you can now use it for the hostng. can you digg me?


does it mean that after doing all this,your account wont be suspended immediately,as the case always is

yes it wont be suspended if u follow the step accordinly