Here is a short tutorial on how to modify UCWEB Default Proxy with sis unpack and Hex editing tools. I am only explaining the steps to unpack and edit with Hex editor. None of the other basic steps are explained.
Tools used:
*Sisware 4.7 and the key is
Serial: SWW100501-B01712607-FNT325470
*Hex Workshop v6

Step 1:
First open the original sis file via Sisware 4.7.

Step 2:
Extract all the contents of the file

Step 3:
Open the binary(.exe file) via Hex Workshop.

1) If its for s60v2. It will be the .app file.

2) For s60v3, the exe needs to be decompressed with petran before it can be modified.

Download petran

Step 4:
Use 'replace' option to Change the value of default proxy address

Step 5:
Now choose edit mode as shown.

Then use 'build sis file' option and follow the onscreen notes. Finally your modified sis file must be ready.
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