Do you want to know how to modify OpMinSIS Splash? Here is my tut. Im using G-Hexer (S60V2). Also the tut on removing white bar from Loading text at the bottom.

Here we go:

1. Open the image file you want to use via G-Hexer.

2. Highlight all the hex-codes by pressing the pencil key then up key until you reach the image document's end. Take note also the size of the image in hex on the upper left. (5AA

3. Copy the highlighted codes.

4. Open now splash.dat

5. Look for hex 8950 or chars PNG.

6. You can see 2 bytes of hex before 8950. Lets replace it with the size of the image we will use, the hex-value we obtained in step 2.

7. Then let's start marking again from 89 of 8950, pressing up until you see 6082 (Press up until you reach the bottom - this way is easier). Delete that part.

8. Then append a new byte, this must be the last part of the dat file. Replace it then by pasting the splash image's hex code.

9. Save.

Enjoy your new opera-mini splash!


1. Make a backup of splash.dat, so in case you did some mistakes, you dont need to reinstall OpMin.
2. Dont use very large image. I suggest that you use some image with respect to your phone's resolution.
3. You can do this also via zntxhan, mobilhex, class editor. Just remember these: PNG hex code replacement, string for proper length of the image.
4. When you mastered this, you can do it in less than 20 seconds just like me.

Removing White Bar from Loading text

1. Open X-plore
2. Go to !:/system/apps/OperaMini and find locale-ri.rsc or simply search for it.
3. Edit locale-ri.rsc by pressing 8.
4. Find chars: "Loadinga" (without quotes)
5. Edit its hex equivalent values to zero; 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
6. Save. And enjoy!