Simple steps to connect ur pc to d internet...
1. Pc (computer)
2. Phone or modem
3. Pc suit 4 ur phone
4. Cable/bluetooth
5. Tunneler E.g your-freedom.
If u don't have all dis requirment try and get dem b4 u proceed to the steps...
STEP1: Install ur pc suit if u want 2 use a phone to connect. (if u dont have a pc suite go to a cafe and download one @ STEP2: Now Connect d cable to ur computer to the phone. After waiting ur pc-suite will finally see the phone u are using.
STEP3: Double click the pc suite in ur desktop and locate the connect icon, click on it to open and click settings on network settings croll down and choose mtn nigeria. Ok all and click connect...
U have successfully connected ur pc to the internet... Any question?
Remember it's proudlyonenaija...


@babanature, I rily appreciate all d efforts & resources u've put into develpmnt of dis blog. Pls since i downloaded utorrent i av neva bin able to download with it usin any of the tunnelin softwares. I've bin wantin 2 knw if its posible to use d utorent with any of dese tunels available nw. Thanks very much.

connecting ur utorent to download files is one of the simplest trick. Imma publish the settings in my next 2 post. U dig?

Thanks man for ur speedy reply. I am happy to know that it can work and I would be waitn 4 ur post.

Thanks but what of settings on tunnel like ur freedom wt etisalat or airtel.

To be truth 2 u, airtel have closed there home page 4rm browsing free. So 4 now airtel do not browse free, forget what other site's tell u, like wise etisalat just migrate to easyclick and load 200 u will get one hundred and fifty megabyte free. Hope ur question was answered?