If you encounter situation like
below on your Phone
1. Blank screen phone unable to
2. Phone only able to boot-up to
"Nokia" word screen.
3. Install some program but not
able to uninstall it after that.
4. Error messages such as "Child
Installer" keeps popping-up.
Do a Full phone formatting ! as
steps below,
1. Make sure you have at least
3/4 charge of battery power left.
2. Backup your contacts list and
personal files to MMC memory
3. Switch-off your phone.
4. Press and hold 3 keys;
Green dial key, * (star key) & no.
3 key and then press the power
on/off to switch on the phone.
Remember, do not let go all of
the keys and hold keys until you
see a formatting word screen
5. After a few minutes when the
Full phone formatting completed,
your phone will back to original
system and factory setting.
All apps installed & not of the
phones' default will be lost. If you
did a backup on your mmc, you
can restore it back to the C drive
Works With All Devices
Remember it's proudlyonenaija...