This is also exclusive, tor is still working
with airtel but has been band by our free
network provider (mtn). Let's just jump
to the configuration. Abi? Before you perform this operation make
sure you configure your airtelline for the
10mb as i've explained earlier. u digg? AS WE ENTER...
Download your tor videlia here =>
After download install and open the tor
interface. Are you there?
Now in the interface click settings>> goto >> Network >> Tick. I use a proxy
to access the internet >>> Proxy
settings will appear >>> Address - >> Port - 8080
>>>Username - wap >> Password - wap
>>> Type should be http/https Now tick - My firewall only let me
connect to certain port >> Firewall
settings will appear >>> Allowed port
>> 80, 443, 8080
Now click ok and click your connect and
wait for your tor to connect... It will connect if you follow the steps and also
look previous post to know how to
configure your line to browse free...
Airtel is sweeter with 3g network. As i'll
always say use it wisely and Remember
it's proudlyonenaija............