From the Home screen, tap the applications bar > Moxier Mail. Tap > to start the email set up. Tap the Email text bar to enter your email.
Tap Next and enter your user ID. Tap Next and enter your password. Tap Done. Tap > to start verifying account. If needed, tap OK to provide detailed server information.
Tap the Domain text bar to add domain. Domain will be APPS4RENT. If you use Domain option then your
Username will be SAM Account Name
which you can get from User Info
Section your Apps4Rent Control Panel.
Tap Next and enter server. Server will be
Tap > to continue verifying your account.
When verified, you will be redirected
to Moxier Sync to set your synchronisation options.
To change account settings, tap the
icon next to Account. To set synchronisation, tap the icon
next to Profile. Tap the drop-down- list to select synchronisation mode,
then tap Save. In the Sync options list, mark the
check boxes for preferred
synchronisation items.
Tap the icon next to the
synchronisation item to change
settings, such as change ringtone for notification.
To start synchronising, press the Menu key and tap Sync now, if not using direct push mode.
To go to your Inbox, press the Back key to exit the Moxier Sync application. From the Home screen, tap the applications bar > Moxier Mail.
That's all folks... Remember it's proudlyonenaija...