For our multilinks fans who do not know how to browse with thier multilinks modem, this one is for you.*** By populer demand***

CAUTION: Please when you're browsing, try holding something because it might blow you away. Now lets proceed...

Before you perform this steps make sure you know how to connect your multilinks to the internet without the subscribing isues.
First download your-freedom and register a username and password at this site Then install the software to your pc then set it like

INSTRUCTIONS: Open your- freedom software you just installed ==>> Click on configure tab on the front panel==>> the configuration panel will open==>>In the Server address area type this=> OR OR
Connection mode=> choose UDP automatically the port bar above will change to 1000 THEN MANUALLY CHANGE IT TO PORT 53
TWEAK: Choose None
Look below you will see Options now tick=> 1,3,5,6,7, (do not click any more than that)
Still on the configuration panel==> Click on Account Information and fill in the username and password that you registered ealier- Leave any other things untouched except the once I mentioned... Save and exit you will be returned to the front panel. Now click on Ports tab then mark this three boxe=> s web proxy port,socks 4/5,open vpn port, -Now goto messages and tick AUTO SCROLL ond put the Minimum Level to debug. You are through , Now goto statues and click start connection... When using it make sure you download and install openvpn because It is faster than any type you've experience.

NOTE: If the latest version do not work for you make sure you try the older one's.
Flex and enjoy most of all use it wisely...
Remember it's proudlyonenaija...