Are you tired of trying to download at any premium sites, getting to 88% the download stopped? I always had problem for downloading
large Game parts of 1.5 GB but after
discovering this method it has really
proved me much beneficial.... U got to
do only few copy paste and few
clicks ...thats all. First of all, lets assume u wanna resume a duckload site link that
failed. The referer link of the file changes
as the download address changes after
the validity time. As ex - referer LINK
changes from http:// to
WAEAJLLP 1ST step -- Open regedit.exe
from start - run - Type regedit There Go
To Computer - Hkey Current User -
Software - Download Manager . U will
see some folder with name as number... The number is actually the file number u
r downloading from IDM. Then find the
file folder u want to resume. Mine was
numbered 219. U will get all information
regarding the download of the file like
dateAdded,File Size,LocalPath,Path,Url 0(all in hex codes). U got to change only
two string values for the download to
resume. 1. Path 2. Url0 3. Referer
(optional) 2ND step - Go to IDM. Right
click on the file to resume - Refresh
Download address.. Let the download start. Just after a while ,stop the
download. Now restart the regedit. See
in the Download Manager Key one more
key is created with maximum value. Mine
was 222. U will see there the info
regarding the new fresh file. Now just copy Path , Url0 and/or Referer from old
file key by Right click on the Path string..
- Modify and paste to the new file key/
folder. Thats all...
we r proudlyonenaija...