How to Remove Waiting Time from Popular Download Sites

Most of people downloads as a free user and they have to wait time. So that, downloading something will be the biggest time killer and boring process. However there is still hope, you can use three tricks which listed below.
Here you are three different tricks to downloading from the File Hosting sites without facing the waiting time.
First Option:
Follow the steps below to skip the waiting time while downloading from the above mentioned sites:
Download the first part of your file normally as you won’t have to wait for much time while downloading for the first time.
Now proceed for the second file, then the countdown begins but this time the waiting time will be very high (Minimum 25Mins)
Now just copy this “”javascript:alert(c=0)” and paste in your address bar as soon as the countdown begins.
Click OK when a pop-up appears.
Now you see no waiting time. Enter the code and download.
Second Option:
All these file hosting sites saves your IP address, and when you request for another from the same IP, then you will have to go through a long waiting time. So this trick is about requesting your ISp for another Ip address.
Follow the steps below to change your IP address:
Open command prompt and enter the following commands respectively:
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
that’s it your IP has been renewed, now you won’t have to face such a long waiting time. You can proceed to download by waiting like just 30 sec that’s tolerable...
Third Option:
This is the most easy and mostly used method to skip the waiting time, here no configuration is required nor you have to execute any commands. All you have to do is download an add-on for your browser install it, restart your browser and then visit any of the above mentioned sites and you don’t have to wait.
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