1. A great feature introduced in Windows 8 is Genuine Center, through which you’ll be able to enter or change your license key and view the status of your license genuineness.
2. Windows 8 On screen keyboard, can split in two parts and converts in Thumb Keyboard to provide easy access to all keys on a Tablet.
3. Multitasking has been made easy and more efficient. Windows 8 runs two different UI simultaneously.
4. Apps can communicate with each other in Windows 8.
5. Gesture-based navigation is intuitive and fast.
6. The most unique feature of Windows 8 is that it offer Multi- Monitor options where on one monitor you can display your start screen and the desktop on the other.
8. Windows 8 removes the fear of PC failure as it has Push-Button Reset option.
9. Windows 8 automatically manages to keep the PC up to date without interrupting you in the middle of your work with the newly featured Windows Update.
10. In Windows 8 cryptography is much easier.
11. Windows 8 supports newly designed SmartScreen which is a set of sophisticated technologies to help protect you from malicious websites and programs.
12. Windows 8 comes integrated with built-in drivers that support a broad range of devices, including printers, sensors, touch-input devices, and displays.
13. Secured boot stops malware in its tracks and makes Windows 8 significantly more resistant to low- level attacks.
14. Windows 8 allows mobility and connectivity virtually from anywhere.
15. In Windows 8 DirectAccess helps remote users to securely access resources within a corporate network.
16. AppLocker has been enhanced with richer capabilities and enables to manage both desktop and Metro style applications.
17. Business users can save their data from unauthorized access as Windows 8 comes preloaded with new version of BitLocker.
18. Windows 8 introduces Windows store from where you can find the apps you want, ranging from exciting new games, to the productivity tools and many more.
19. Windows 8 intends many new features for business users.
20. You can set Windows 8 to auto refresh which eliminates the need of pressing F5 again and again.
21. Windows 8 provides a reset option, which restores the PC to the state it was in when originally purchased in case a major PC failure happens.
22. You can integrate your Windows live ID account in Windows 8, hence eliminating need of creating a separate user account locally.
23. Windows 8 is going to feature built-in Cloud Apps and services with SkyDrive.
24. Protecting the pre-OS environment with UEFI.
25. Windows 8 is also likely expected to comprehend the Calling and SMS capabilities on 3G supported tablets.
26. Driver developers can use the new, integrated Microsoft Visual Studio development environment to increase productivity and develop richer applications.
27. Windows 8 supports a broad range of app programming languages (for example, C,C+ +,HTML5,CSS3,DirectX 11.1,XAML).
28. Windows 8 offers Windows Push Notification Service through which apps can receive secure messages from your website, and send them to your app’s live tile or pro vide a notification to the user.
29.Windows 8 integrates support for contact selection directly within Windows using its feature Contact Picker.
30. Windows 8 supports Mobility and Connectivity on the Go for business users.
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