Hey guyz, you must have heard about
this software by now abi? If not, then
you are hearing it now.
Seriously I don’t know the full meaning
of the software but we no send as long
as it is browsing. Abi? The truth is the software is not my
finding but I advanced it and make it
work with the new ip I embedded. So
let’s share this wonder before they seize
am. Udig?
This is the simplest configuration I’m
dropping so pay attention…
First download the software ISPCE by
Google (I might give a download link
letter) After your download install the ISPCE. Now locate the software and open it, a new interface will open.
Listening port turn it to: 8080
Click on query url configuration (the third box above you)
Front query: Proxy type: Host
Proxy server ( port:
Now click on the fifth box above you
which is the “proxy configuration” and
input this ip and port numbers
NOTE: you can use just the last ip because it’s the fastest in downloading
and it’s from Thailand or you can use all
at once. Now click on file and save config file.
Go to your browser and configure it to:
proxy: localhost port: 8080 You are good to go…
Remember the browsing is ok but the
downloading is very fast for a 3g user.
That’s all folks…
if you need screen shots just holla...
Remember its proudlyonenaija..


This is nice, actually. I've read a bit around it and it's really cool. I'm yet to try it myself, but I will n I will update you. Well done.