MTN WITH FOXY PROXY I’m using this cheat to post this so if it
does not work for you na your lock. NOTE: Please please and please, when taken this cheat out please put curtsey
Nature. Abeg…
MTN is seriously browsing for free
without the knowledge of we Nigerians
and today, we are going to browse free
with our MTN line so dust that sim and follow this few steps to achieving your
Foxy proxy is a Mozilla addon. They use it
to hide ip’s and browse anonymously
without any trace. Now let’s know how
to make it browse with MTN. First get the latest Firefox 9+
Download the foxy proxy here https://
foxyproxy-standard/ Have you downloaded it? If yes lets
Open the proxy interface or simply press
‘Alt+F3 to quickly add new proxy
1ST STEP Code: [Select] Now to add your proxy simply type in
MTN default proxy which is; proxy: port: 8080 save and start
surfing free…
2ND STEP Code: [Select] Download privoxy and open and set the
proxy area to follow localhost: 8118
E simple abi?
Now start flexing… any problem let me
know. U dig?


Bros i went to d as u directed, but i cant stil download d FOXY-PROXY, pls direct me how to download it from dat site. God bles U.

i hv downloaded de foxyproxy.Pls xplain de config well

what to put in browser

if u have downloaded d fox proxy, just go to d proxy interface and put in mtn ip or ur tunneler ip nd dats all there is to it. u digg?

don't use download manager when downloading it cos it's an ftp file except u av an ftp download manager like fileget....

I dont understand this stuff. when the fox proxy is downloaded, it would be Mozilla default settings. And about the privoxy, you didnt specify which would be the host and X-Forwarded-For. Help me out pls

after you download d foxy proxy and install it, just press alt+f3 a proxy area will apear... just put your proxy and port.... u dig?

i did that but it keeps on showing, host:port cannot be determined from selected text

I also get the "host:port cannot be determined from selected text" when i use alt + f3.

Please help