Do you know that you can get airtel 10 gigabite of data bundle for absolutely fRee? yes it is possible. To make this possible, hope you're in club 10? if yes oya do this simple step. Steps: Goto your message area and type the following... send "RD 50MB" (without the quotes) to 797 you will receive a text congratulating you that you gat 50mb just check your bundle balance you will see more than it... NOTE: You can apply as many times as you want. Any problem you encounter on the way, let me know..... Good luck and start flexing...


i dit it and it worked but it wil expire d next day, ow do i make it unlimited

It works,tanx.Hw can d duration be xtended?

It doesnt work for me. The reply was i will be able to enroll in the aitel reward loyalty pro within a few day. Pls how am i going to do it

simply subscribe to their black berry #75 naira plan and your date will extend

Is nt working

bcos it has stop working... more on d way

I didnt work 4 me

its not working.........

It does'nt work 4 new users,getin d MB depends on how long u've been using the sim card,u can even ask for more dan 50MB,u can ask 4 100MB,d same way u ask 4 50mb

i tried it nd it did not work .they send me a message after trying it [ur request is invalid pls try the correct product code .tell me why pls