GLO LATEST CHEAT WITH IWP v2 (india web proxy)

SETTINGS DETAIL FOR IWPv2 + PHP WEB SERVER IP:- 41.203. 65.18 or + PHP WEB SERVER IP: -443 + PHP FILE FULL URL:- or request for server from baba + ORGANISATION HOST:- + ORGANISATION IP:- 80 + USERNAME and PASWORD:- can be empty or put anything + UNTICK ENCRYPTION + THEN SAVE & CLOSE | Then you can Connect it and Configure your PC Browser with the Below Info. CONFIGURE YOUR PC BROWSER WITH THE IP & PORT BELOW Configure your Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc with the IP & Port Below:- + IP: + PORT: 6050 + SSL/SECURE: + PORT 6050 | Then Save..


babanature, pls I'm having etisalat invalid sim problem. i was using one etisalat sim like that on a sudden it becomes invalid. i just bought one yesterday and get it registered, reaching this morning it becomes invalid too.could it be a strategies etisalat want to stop free browsing with there network or something else. how could i solve this problem, i'm using mtn modem to pc.

It happed to me some dayz back, but do you know what i did? I remove the sim card and clean d panel with a cloth and after a while i put d sim back and it started working.... U should try it

baba, glo still d brows? Bcos my etisalat dey worrying for invalid sim. It only works in d phone, getting to mtn unlock modem it says sim invalid. Sometimes it may work when i suscribe a daily bundle. But edge sim works, but when converted to 3g by suscribing for a bundle with in a few days it says invalid sim started.

glo don stop to browse for now. if your etisalat line they show invalid simply recharge am, use the money make small call to your village people and use am browse. it will not show invalid sim after that. u dig?