I’ve got numerous emails from my blog readers asking “How do I use multiple username with my pd proxy” Today we are going to know how the trick behind using Pd proxy trial accounts without limitations works.
Pd-proxy gives 100mb of data to trial accounts per day and once you reach the 100mb limit you will receive a message saying “your account limit have been reached… bla... bla… bla…” but today we are going to bypass that limitations. All you need is just multiple accounts.
Will multiple accounts work: yes! Depends on how you implement it.
But I have tried it with multiple accounts and it did not work: it did not work because you did not use the skill necessary to make it work.
Let’s say you have downloaded the pd-proxy and you have extracted it to a folder and you have already used up the first account. Now this is what you will do; if the pd-proxy is in your C:/ drive delete it and extract a new one to a sub folder in a new drive like “D:/ drive” and put the new username and password. You will see that the pd-proxy will start working miraculously.
TIPS: When using this always change the subfolder and also the drive and make sure you clear you cache. U dig?
Enjoy your selfs and browse with safety and speed. Ohhhhh and don’t forget to drop your comment below.


I followed the instructions but it did work

d owner of pd-proxy has desable d demo sErver, so free users can't use it for now...

baba nature luv wat ur doin here but i nid ur help in connecting my starcomms modem

connecting starcomms with pd-proxy?

Its bringing out account suspended

as a Nigerian, forget pd-proxy because they are fraud. they'll just continue suspending your paid subscriptions.

my premium account is saying invalid id. wat do i do?

login with your username and password at pd-proxy site, it it log in, then it will work back.

heeee heelo i have try to chat with it i cou,dt

How to clear the cache ?

if you're using firefox, simultaneously press ctrl + sift + delete you will delete ur cache and history if u like

Is PDproxy working on Starcomms?
What the configuration for starcomms to enable pdproxy to connect?

i am not using starcomms so i wouldn't know but i know it works with multilinks evdo...

pls my is just scannning even after subscibtion!am unable to connect!!please can u help on this?

@Anonymous which operating system are you using?