This vpn is for those who have not heard about it and still trying to browse with the bb subscription style…
Now I am welcoming my faithful readers to this new VPN called 1703 vpn. It works flawlessly and it is quite fast. To me, it is better compared to pd-proxy and aside in Nigeria; it is working in other part of the country like India and Madagascar. Inshort time don reach make una let pd-proxy rest self… so let’s get to it…

First download the 1703 VPN here
After download, unzip and install in the vpn application…
SERVER TYPE: choose Trial server
Change the udp to icmp
Click on connect and wait, your default browser will pop out. Start surfing with your browser
Please don’t open other tunneler when using this one o

Ooh the username and password of the vpn is Trial1703


hi thanks for ur effort bt it is not working for me

i forget to add up one thing... you must give the vpn administrative privilege if you're on windows 7

i try it here in nigeria with my xp not working

the trial account is not invalid you only miss typed it... the trial acct is Trial1703

Subscribe to wat again? Can't we register our own account? Are we goin to open a multilinks browser too or av a workin connection? Dis are questions waiting for answers!

Pls msg me on steps by steps to thanks, looking forward to hearing from u


well the 1703 vpn is a new vpn and the owner of the site just discovered that the vpn has started picking up. right now he is creating a websites for the vpn, you can make enquiries with the numbers on the about phase

bro, i can't seem to figure out how to connect the 1703vpn even with the instructions you gave us.

does the mtn need any config before this 1703vpn is connected?

Invalid acct. Any solution?

Etisalat pc tweak plz.

yes! first you will subscribe for the blackberry mtn plan, but if you're in india nd using airtel, u don't need to subscribe to any

due to the amount of users, d trial has been over loaded. i'll drop another username soon

its not working with my mtn bb plan. it works with money but the username and password is not correct. pls give me ur contact. this is mine 08034969837

the user name and password is correct. instead of using small letter "t" use capital letter "T"
but the server for now is over loaded... i'm still trying out a new username and password...

how do i configure my modem to browse with my bb plan

just change the APN to and leave the rest as it were...

i can't locate all the software here, server not found is the issue, i will appreciate it if u can upload the software again so that we can download it.

ok! i will re-upload it very soon...

here is the new link to the 1703 vpn

How do i change the APN on windows 7

How do i change apn on windows 7

which modem or network do you use? @ trip