Some people are seing fbt has died, but do you wanna know my opinion? fbt is much alive but scarce. This software am about to drop have been posted weeks ago in some other forums or blogs, but does software was not official. Now arunava the owner of our beloved IWP have released the official vpn called tunnel guru. A tunnel that works more like IWP

1. First subscribe to any MTN weekly or monthly BIS

2. Create a new acces point with your pc-suit or modem. So your APN should be

3. Now download the tunnel guru for 32bit here TUNNEL GURU 32bit
or you can download the 64bit here TUNNEL GURU 64bit

4. It's a zip file, so extract it to a specified folder. Now open the folder and double click "tunnelguru.exe" (open with administrative privilege)

5. On the main interface click "vpn tunnel" it will take you to a new interface.

6. This part is the main koko. now...


USERNAME/PASSWORD: Register one here

Untick "use local DNS Server"


MODE: Mode-4/5 or 6

7. Now click start and wait for it to connect, but if it does not connect goto your windows firewall and turn it off and turn your antivirus firewall off and connect again.

Incase the above server is overloaded here are other servers to try from;
ICMP Servers:
Server -
Server -
Server -
Server -

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This tweak is cool and hot man. I really like it, I have tried it and it worked

presently I m using pdproxy and sandwich but both are not reliable but having great speed. How about this vpn ?

depending on the country u're using that will make your pd-proxy fast and yes! the tunnel guru is actually fast also.

Pls how does modem come in here. Must I use a modem?
I have a mtn bis I want to use, do I still need a modem?
If I do, does multilinks modem work?
How will I connect it. Pls reply. U can also. Reach me on

you use a modem to receive signal from your service provider. you can either use your modem or any 3g enabled phone. if your multilinks modem is a multipurpose! why not

ur registering page isnt opening. it tgc still working free?

you can download it here =>
you can as well register here =>

tunnel guru they know it and if you use it does it need to pay or it just a cheat every thing ooh how about HTTP it work

seriously! you grammar is not clear...

Can Tunnel Guru work in Ghana?

if you don't try it, you won't know...

where 's the registration page?

we're not able to post the servers address now at all

i have airtel bb plan on my laptop but i browse alot and d 1G data can berely last a week 4 me, pls is there a way to bypass d 1G data cap?


Is Tunnel Guru still working on MTN BIS?

Really, thats good news to hear. I was using PDPROXY which couldn't connect after mtn did their upgrade. Do you know if PDPROXY is also going and if it is unlimited? I ask cos I am in an area where there is no MTN data service. I use my office internet to browse the internet.

how can i connect it whit mtn cameroon!!!

when i have enough time with pc, i will show you how to bypass tunnelguru 150mb, but for now, i am learning how to do more hacking, :D

what concept do you suppose you would use to bypass the 150 mb

Instead of byepassing the tunnel guru, why not use your mtn line directly!...

how to get around the 150 mb

Hi I am using MTN but each time I connect it will connect For a while and disconnect after few minutes I'll have to reconnect but I dont know why pls I need a reply fast thanks....