Hello guyz! MTN is still browsing free but some people don't know. So today i'll do some reviews so you can know the software or tunneler that are still browsing for free...

1. For does who don't have money to subscribe for blackberry plan, then the best option for you is IFREE VPN or YOUR-FREEDOM CLIENT ... they still browse for free without bb subscription. do you ask how? just set your tweak to DNS and you're set to browse free.

2. For does who still love using blackberry subscription can use SANDWICH VPN, TUNNEL GURU, 1703 VPN. can still do by changing your tweak to "ICMP"

3. that's that, so stop complaining that you're not browsing for free and use the above software and vpn's...

For how to set it up, you can always view my previous posts...

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thanx.but dont know the site for the ifree vpn
please will appreciate getting the site.

Here is the configuration link

I still use bb subscription but I don no hw to configure it with my system. Pls I need guide line 2 do it. Thanks

you can find all posts related to bb trick with previous post...

Do you by any chance know if it is hard to build an vpn for your company? I need one, I saw companies like they offer it. What do you think? What is this about the ifree vpn? I thought blackberry is pretty save?