Hey guys, I brought a manual out to make your MTN sim browse for free without money and ask to give the first 15 people and to my surprised, it finished almost the moment i dropped it here. I'll say thanks to those that bought the package and hope it is working for you.

For those who don't have the money to buy it then, i still got some tricks off my sleeves that will make you browse for free and for as long as you don't misuse it.

To activate your MTN magic SIM, you will need to follow the below steps religiously 

1. load your sim with 250 naira only 
Note: Do not make the amount above 250 or it might not work for you.

2. subscribe for the 2hrs plan by dialing 2H to 131 or if you're using mtn modem, go to bundle plan and subscribe through there.

3. Now, you will be welcomed to the 2hrs plan and you will be given just 150mb and the subscription will expire 24hrs time.

4. Browse for just 30mins
Note: above but remember that you'll not exhaust the 150 mb and you should not browse for 2hrs or above...

5. Now remove your sim from your modem and wait for your subscription to expire. It should expire after 24 hours.

6. After sending your that your subscription is expired, dial reset to 131 to reset your connection and if that doesn't work for you, use any mtn modem around you to unsubscribe
Note: do not call customer care at any point to help you unsubscribe or it will not work.

7. After you have successfully unsubscribe you will be browsing for free none-stop.
If you can't unsubscribe, go to your modem settings and open a new access point. and your APN should be

That's all, start browsing and start flexing with this trick. If you have tried this steps and you still get problem, start your exact problem below.

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RESET to 131 returns invalid command.
How do I unsubscribe?

Up ONENAIJA! pls How do I unsubscribe?

My mtn sim did nt even browse any longer....after they have sent me the expiration message...even if money is on it,i'm nt unable to access the internet,mb is on it nw it does nt work.wat cn i do babanature

@Ridwan Adedeji You did not read this post. If you did, you would have seen where i write; after the expiration date, reset the sim and if the sim does not reset use as your APN

What is the method or procedure to unsubscribe?

Bros how do i unsuscribe? dat is which code or metod do i use to unsuscribe?

Please HELP !!! my subscription is supposed to expire on 29th. and up till now it hasnt expire. What do i do?

nice one baba nature

Up till now Babanature no gree answer simple question...How do we unsubscribe??????????

If you can't unsubscribe, go to your modem settings and open a new access point. and your APN should be

thanks for your blogpost nature boy.

does it work for mobile phones ? doesn't wrk

lol. Have been flexin mine. Since the past 2months now. Though didnt get the tweak from this blog. Activated more than 13sims and sold them at a minimum of 5k.

Guys adhere strictly to the instructns. Its wrking 101% fine.

av been rocking the tweak for .the past 3mnths nw.. Guys keep trying . Its still wrking fine.

to unsubscribe TEXT reset TO 131. simple.

i av bn doing diz bt tried some from 2nd june. But none wrked. Baba any solution plz

@ajero, Buh it does not expired, how do I go about this?

baba abeg reply us wit d solutn naw. Coz diz ppl dy chop us bad bad o. D tin no dy gri xpire again o!

Use double timer reset procedure to ain access.

@Oliver Newton after 24hours, it will automatically resets it self

Can we be using dat line for call and rechargin bcos am doing it wit my hotline?. Is dat gonna affect my line?

@ we shldnt reset again...we shlf allow it reset it itself

Yes, you dont need to reset after the 24 hours. but if after 24 hours it is still not browsing reset it and ignore the message you'll see and start flexing...

do not try it at all, immediatelly u send reset to 131 ur sim we stop
frm browsing for life, my advise is dat send 106 to 131 or dial dis code
*123*4*5*2*1# dat all ur sim will pick up immediatelly and will start
to browse unlimited again.

@ anonymous, av u tried any1 recently cos dt code no lnger wrk...

i have already sent, reset and now, i can browsing....

what is the solution to this????

Pls shuld i send reset or 106 to 131 abeg my 24hrs go soon reach

My MTN Line was Browsing Unlimited, until yesterday when was browsing and it started displaying "Service unavailable in every page and website i try to visit up till this..the same thing
anybody with the same Experience or solution?

My MTN Magic sim yesterdat started displaying "service unavailable in every page /site i try to open.

i think this new plan ipulse is a means mtn used to block the cheat... Mine moves for 5seconds and disconnects.

please nature give us new code for mtn unlimited..

baba in box me ur number on 08039282985

nature boy, is there any new way to activiate magic sim, older steps are no longer working.

Pls u guyz should help us out wit the new way 2 activate magic sim pls