If you have not been browsing with airtel before then good news for you because now you can browse, download, and watch movie with this simple trick i am about to show you. I don't know when will this stop working but as at the time of this post, airtel is working fine and i am downloading with it now. Let's go with thee tutorial...


1. First, Get two AIRTEL sim and one MTN or ETISALAT sim and 100 naira recharge card.

Note: The reason we are using this 3 sim with recharge card, is because we are going to be bringing an old trick back. The 2 airtel sim are for swap and the Mtn or Etisalat is for fake calls.

2. Load your 100 naira card on the first airtel sim (make sure your balance is not more than the

3. Then you will save this number where you can easily retrieve it *141*11*4*your second airtel line#   E.g. *141*11*4*08033355432#

Hope you guys are following me?

4. Now dial the Mtn or Etisalat number, once it start ringing, scroll down to where you save that above code (*141*712*11*number#) And dial it...

Note: You can dial it for about 5times per call but make sure you cut it before the ringing ends or you will loose your 100 naira to airtel.

Also Note: Each time you dial it you will be given MB. You can continue doing it till it gets to 19gb.

That is the new trick that is working 100% and you first receive it here. Please do not share this out, but if you must do, kindly put my link back. Thanks

If you have questions do not fail to ask, but remember that i will only answer questions that are worth answering.

Remember that we are proudlyonenaija


Does this work in Ghana?

if I try this. is it 10mb per dial?

thanx alot.
I tried it buh it says ''the reciever of this gift cannot be gifted'' pls what should i do?

R we going to b credit wit mb on both airtel

Boss pls..I keep getting u don't aff an active plan wen I try to check my plan.

bros thanks 4 d airtel mb cheat but i beg we need mtn mb cheat

@LEONINEDREAMS Then switch it over to the next sim. i am blazing it now...

Dnt we v a beta way of gettn dis mb or 1gb wit #1200

pls i d respone is giving is dat "The receiver is not allow to receive the gift.pls help ooo

Babanture u be lord of cheats, infact I confess so mor grece 2 ur elbow but nature boy wat abt usn #1200 to get 1GB cos dat 1 is very fast abeg hep us on dat part!!!

Nature good work so wat wat abt usn #1200 to get 1GB on each diel or cal?

u can only enjoy ur 17 gb 4 ONE DAY it wil b gone

Is it stil w0rking? 11/06/013

You can also do it with 2000 or 3000 naira to get 600mb or 1gb with each call.

With #2000 dial *141*11*6*number#
with 3000 dial *141*11*7*number#

how can i extend d expiration date ?

Is there any one we can use with 1000 naira or 1200 naira to get more than 10MB per dial

There is a mistake in dat tutorial. Admin pls cross-check no:3 n no:4

@Aigbimhalu Eromose Sylvester The more you perform it, the more your expiration extends

@ Anonymous: With #2000 dial *141*11*6*number#
with 3000 dial *141*11*7*number#

it shows me an error message 503,please try again mb added..wat du i du

It has been blocked d nature boy or is is stil workn cos I tried it but I was gvn no mb atal!

people d cheat has been blocked oooh
you just dial no more mb again na wah airtel dem dan open eye.
yu cant migrate to club 10 any more

guy i no sure say d tin dy wrk o coz cos mine dy shw '538 error pls try again smtym later' but i dy club 10. Any remedy?

I have been try it but i have no mb

E work keh!

Is dis tyn really working plz cn som1 answ me