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Seriously! i don't give a darn what you think about me or my blog. I did not create this blog for any of you, i only create this blog for the old naijaboiz crew that has been following me from the start.

If you're not one of naijaboiz crew and you don't like how i operate, you can leave the blog and nobody will think of calling you back because i don't know you. and for the record, this blog is not giving me even 1 naira but i am the one giving you guys cheat for free... soon i will start giving cheat out for money so i can be like those wicked hackers out there...

If you are my friend and always support me, please ignore the message but if you're one of those impatient fools who only come here to steal my cheats, go play for shit.

Now back to my cheat ....


I am going to be sharing two ways in which you can browse for free with your MTN line for free so this is a part 1 of the "mtn free browsing trick and cheat for the month of July". so are you ready?

Things you Need:
  • MTN modem or any universal modem that can perform such task (MTN modem preferably)
  • MTN special sim.
  • Recharge card of 250 naira
Do you have all this in place? Now let's proceed.

1. Insert your special sim to your MTN modem

2. Load your 250 airtime to your sim card and go to "Bundle plan" and subscribe to the MTN 2hrs plan, if you do not have the MTN old modem, dial 2H to 131 to activate your 2hrs plan

3. Now browse till you exhaust the megabyte given to you. After you have successfully exhaust your mb, you will receive a message that "you have successfully exhaust your 2hrs plan".

4. Remove the sim from your modem and wait for like an hour or more but make sure it is up to an hour or it will not work...

5. After your long brake, insert the sim back to your pc and connect the modem.

6. Have you done all what i said? Please follow my step carefully o.

7. Start browsing and it must surely browse but if you are not using the old MTN modem it might not work that way so simply follow this step if you are using the new modem or other modem.


If you try the above and have trouble, please try this as well...

1. put the sim in a phone and go to MTN services.

2. In you MTN services, You will see three options, namely; "MTN simplus, Mobile money and MTN backup"

3. Click the MTN sim plus >>> Click "My tools"

4. Scroll and select "Data Bundles"

5. Now click "Mobile Internet"

6. In the "Mobile Internet", you will see a "Reset" Option. Click it and wait for like some seconds and insert the sim back...

Welcome to the free browsing world. Enjoy unlimited downloads and unlimited free browsing...

WHAT IS SPECIAL SIM: If your sim is a special, you will know by seeing 128k in the pane. 128k sim has a lot of features that no other sim has...

Watch out for the part two of this post in approximately some hours from now...

Remember to put my site when sharing out side. and do not forget to ask valuable questions and i'll gladly give you a reply.

Remember that we are proudlyonenaija...


  1. baba u 2much oooo

  2. @babanature...tnx 4 ur selfless service...i wanna ask....its AIRTEL ZTE M190A modem old or new cos dat wat i have? tnx 4 ur speedy reply....

  3. Thank you boss! Will try it shortly.

  4. Natureboy ur d man... Keep d gud wok up. Tnx buddy!


  6. @Anonymous i am not using the Airtel modem so i wouldn't know, but you can try it and see how it goes

  7. @nwabuikwu emmanuel The sim is not hard to get, just go to any place where they sell sims and you'll see the sim.

    You can use the sim on both system and phones

  8. hi, i did as u prescribe with an old mtn modem and 128k sim but it didnt browse... So i put the sim in my phone i saw.. Mtn sim plus = tools= but cant see the data bundle icon.i dnt kno if its bcos i hv used that sim for the previous mtn magic or what? But if i slot anoda 128k fresh sim..i will see the data bundle icon in it. So wat can i do now? Any solution or i suld buy anoda fresh sim for it ?

  9. Really? Then you should try the other sim and see how it goes...

  10. Nice one bro. Keep the good work. Jah bless

  11. after everything, its opening MTN page.

  12. it seems MTN 2H data plan is not responding... Dey wont collect money when u subscribe or they will deduct ur money and wont credit u the MB. If u ask me...lets give mtn sum time cos anytin ur doing now is under probability. I got new sim 128k and old modem but dey wont collect the money if i subscribe.Again one of my MTN frnd of mine said dey are working on dat 2H data plan dat i suld suspend it for now. Let try etisalat or airtel.. And give mtn sum time b4 u guys will hack again. Thanks! ..... Frm fct Abuja!!

  13. How Can I Enjoy Magic Sim Free Browsing Again

    1) Get an MTN sim that has 128k
    written at the back of the sim

    2) After That load 250(I.e load 300 and transfer 50 to another mtn number)

    3) Send 2H to 131 after that Send 106 to 131

    4) Remove your sim from your fone and keep it for 8hours

    5) after exact 8hours insert your sim and start surfing and download free


    ::.note......dis worked 4 two of my frnds....

  14. @happiness The reason it is showing MTN page is because you have not done what i said. If you have reset it through the method i prescribe, then it will work perfectly

  15. Happy Birthday Babanature....U will live to see and celebrates it many more years to come,Amen! ... 12/07/2013

  16. @Th£O Thank you so much for remembering my birthday. I appreciate this more than anything...

  17. happy bday Bnature. Please is the hacked Sim still going? Mine has stopped working o

  18. The Destiny of sugarcane is to be cut at
    the time of its sweetness May you not be
    cut off at the time for u to flourish
    &Prosper You will Fulfill your destiny in
    Jesus Name....HAPPY BIRTHDAY '''''babanature'''''12.....7......2013

  19. @babanature,pls give us the PART 2 OF DIS TUTORIAL.......

  20. First, i want to appreciate u @Moderator babanature, a big appraisal for your selfless service in providing solutions for us since the days of More grease to ur Elbows Broda. Na bcos of not being able to browse make me no fit hail u babanature on ur bday, na android i dey use i no fit even load credit e go chop am off within 10- 20 mins... i don tire. I want ask if this cheat is still working...

  21. Is this working for anyone?

  22. E be like say this thing no dey work for anybody o.

  23. Am having mtn dat has 32k?

  24. How can get the new cheat for modern on mtn


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