MTN is having some serious network issues right now and it is just so frustrating. They have temporarily stopped the direct usage of their blackberry plan, now you can not use the blackberry plan on your system without vpn. Now since people are not too much on the network, it is now faster as before.
Take a look at the screen shot i took some minutes back

Do you want to know how i achieve this speed without a vpn? I use my android phone to browse the internet because for now, modem is not more working with the MTN blackberry plan...

Do you want to know how you too can browse with your android phone? then follow the screen shot below. If you have any question, don't fail to ask...

That is how to set your android to browse on your pc using the blackberry subscription. Remember that this is working 100%

Note:  please if you want the video tutorial and pdf file to this post, do let me know and i will hook it up for you. But please remember that doing a video tutorial and given you the pdf manual of the post might cost you 1000 naira.

Do you have any question, please do use the comment box below and i will surely answer to them promptly.

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Babanature what I want to know is that is the bb subscription free? Or the normal BBC subscription and is it unlimited. So I can do it sharply.

@Misterlovaboi The blackberry is through subscription and it is unlimited when you pay for the 1500

No need for DNS, right?

Yes Bawz, Bt i knw go lie u that 1k5 ryt nw no dey pocket, is there any lesser cheat wey i fit go for even if na other network lyk etisalat subscription na 1k i can afford that one will it work on android? Get back to me asap... and i want to encourage you on this free bis wey u dey do for us. Feel free to upload anything on ur blogs for we ur followerz... this android dey suffer me i knw go lie u... Thank in anticipation for ur usual cooperation... one love.

@Misterlovaboi If 1500 too big for you, then subscribe to the 1000 own or you can even subscribe to the 500 weekly...

Guy, there are some questions i don't answer. you are asking me again if it is working on android? na grammar i dey speak since?

If you got an android phone, just follow the steps i provided above.

pls i am interested my phone is HTC my touch can it work

Why am asking is bcos i did it and it didn't work, am using Techno N3. Weyin make i do nw... abeg. Help me

@MisterlovaboiIf you look at the screen shots very well, you will discover that you're not doing something that you should. I am using it to browse with my pc now and it is working 100% .

Nature boy, I have done it on my android but they are asking for the AndroidAp security code... what is the code?

what about HTC mytuoch can it work

It works on all android phones and it is working 100%. try it on your HTC android and see.

If you are still finding the screen shots difficult to understand, you can buy the e-book with video tutorial for just 1k...

@Oluebube Nkemka

AndroidAP security code is your wifi authentication password. Under your wifi tether setup, you will see where you have make password visible; select the box and you should see your password or security code.

is it only for android wot of blackberry phones?? And my second question is; is there any other network tat can work on modems wit the bb plan? Pls if there is, i need the configurations.... Glo, Airtel or Etisalat

am still waiting for reply please

@Uncle James It is for android only but if you can tether your blackberry, then it will definitely work for you. I am not using blackberry :) .

nature, how long will N1500 work for me?

if is steel working give me directionto pay for dat video tutorial and pdf
my no.

thanks for sharing this great post on mtn latest cheat with blackberry here. it really a helpful one. kindly share on glo too,thanks for sharing this